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Chaukori Tourist Places

Chaukori Uttarakhand is one of the few hill stations that would make the tourist feel as if they have truly come to a place that has remained pristine. This is because this hill station is very small, and is a recent addition to the list of places that tourism department is promoting. It is one of those tourist places in Uttarakhand province of India that have been abundantly blessed by nature. The view all around this small township is splendid. Different parts of this town show Himalayas differently.

Some show the continuous mountain range fully covered with snow, while others show dark brown mountain peaks which are partly covered with snow.  Hotel rooms may make people feel as if they are literally amidst clouds and so sunrise and sunset are exceptionally beautiful out here. The winding road to Chaukori is lined with tall green trees and some shrubs that have strikingly beautiful and bright colored flowers. The surrounding mountains that can be seen from this road are completely covered with trees. On the whole, the place is a trekking delight as there is ample sightseeing to do here. Chaukori is not very far from Nainital and other hill stations such as Berinag. This is the reason it is now an important part of tourism in Uttarakhand. The place is brimming with Hindu temples. Since not many tourists come this far, the facilities for tourists are indeed limited. This small hill station boasts of three major hotels so far.

They serve delicious local cuisine, and can offer some of the Chinese starters as well but power may be a problem. KMVn chaukori is one of the hotels here. Wooden cottages offered by another hotel here have a quaint charm. Ideally, it is better to book a room in a hotel in chaukori before coming this far.

Chaukori Tourist Map

Facts About Chaukori
Area 2.1 km2
State Uttarakhand
Languages Hindi, Kumaoni
Best Time to Visit March-June & Sept-Nov
Nearest Railway Station Kathgodam
Nearest Airport Naini Saini at Pithoragarh
Famous Dharamghar, Berinag, Patal Bhuvaneshwar and Gangolihat
STD Code 91-5964

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