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Bijapur Tourist Places

Karnataka is one of those states that have seen a comparatively recent tussle for power between the Hindu and Muslim rulers. The city Bijapur in Karnataka is one of those places that are brimming with stories of their glorious past though there are a few sad ones too. The place was ruled by Adil Shahi rulers between 1490 and 1687. These Muslim rulers were called Sultans.

Adil Shahi rulers were part of the Bahamani rulers who ruled a vast area in the Deccan region around that period. It was Moghul Emperor Aurangazeb who ended their reign. There was a time in between when Bijapur was held by Marathas as well. Bijapur was then taken over by Nizam from Hyderabad but Marathas again threw him over. Eventually the British defeated the Peshwas, i.e., the Marathas around 1818 and gained control over this place. Bijapur fort is one of the attractions out here. Many of the historic buildings are striking reminders of Muslim architecture of that era, but some of local architectural skills have also been blended in it. The muslim rulers were famous for building large palaces and buildings.

This is the reason today we see Sangeet Mahal, Anand Mahal, Gagan Mahal etc., which were actually palaces and other places for the rulers. Heart rending stories about bijapur rulers and their generals can be found on booklets that promote Bijapur tourism. Tourists desirous of planning their itinerary can use bijapur map. Finding a hotel in Bijapur should not be very difficult as this is one of the less frequented pilgrim and tourist destinations.

Bijapur Tourist Map

Facts About Bijapur
Area 10.541 km2
State Karnataka
Languages Kannada, Marathi, Urdu and Hindi
Best Time to Visit October - February
Nearest Railway Station Bijapur Railway Station
Nearest Airport Belgaum Airport
Famous Gol Gumbaz, Ibrahim Rauza, Barakaman, Malik-e-Maidan
STD Code 91-8352

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