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Bhimbetka Tourist Places

Bhimbetka is a place which is located in the Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh. The place is well known for the Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, an archaeological World Heritage Site. These Rock Shelters manifest the existence of earliest human life. These Rock Shelters have also led to the establishment of various other cues which relate to the glorious past of the country.

These are mainly in the colours of red and white and depict activities such as hunting, dancing, music, horse and elephant riding. Popular religious and ritual symbols have also been found. They are an important aspect of the cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh as well as of India. This has helped in the growth of the Madhya Pradesh tourism to significant proportion.

These Rock Shelters were actually caves in their initial form but with time they have evolved into magnificent rock shelters and are also referred to as the Bhimbetka caves. The Bhimbetka cave displays a myriad cultural cues which provide deep insight of the various practices and rituals which were earlier practiced.  The rock and art paintings are also present which reflect the lifestyles primarily through the graphics. These rock shelters have played a major role in enhancing the tourism as a commercial activity.

Bhimbetka Tourist Map

Facts About Bhimbetka
Area 30 km2
State Madhya Pradesh
Languages Hindi, English
Best Time to Visit October to March
Nearest Railway Station Bhopal Railway Station
Nearest Airport Bhopal Airport
Famous Bhimbetka rock shelters, Rock paintings, and near Bhimbetka one can visit Pachmarhi, Sanchi, Bhojpur and Bhopal
STD Code 91-2951

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