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Berhampur Tourist Places

Behrampur is a delightful little town in southern part of Odisha province of India. This province was formerly known as Orissa. People arrive in this town to buy silk garments. However, behrampur tourism includes several other places in its surroundings such as the Gopalpur beach, where people can surf on seas. Aryapalli is another village near this township which has a nice beach without much crowd.

A hot spring called Taptapani is another place that the tourist might to visit. This spring is surrounded by green forests which make it nice trekking and hiking option as well. Mahendragiri is one of the taller mountains in the vicinity of Berhampur. This mountain is surrounded by forests that tend to remain evergreen. A lot of mythology is attached to all these places and many hindu holy shrines are also built around here.

Relevant information about Behrampur and its surroundings is available on tourism booklets about this place. Behrampur station connects the city to other parts of the country by railway network. Usually, tourists plan their itinerary with the help of behrampur map as it saves some time, and ensures that they get to visit the locales they wish to visit. Behrampur university is a famous education center.

Berhampur Tourist Map

Facts About Berhampur
Area 8070 km2
State Orissa
Languages Oriya, Hindi, English, Telugu and Tribal dialects
Best Time to Visit October to March
Nearest Railway Station Berhampur Railway Station
Nearest Airport Berhampur Airport(Rangeilunda)
Famous Aryapalli beach, Tartarini Temple, Taptapani hot water springs
STD Code 91-680

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