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Aayi Mandapam And Bharati Park Tourist Places

Pondicherry tourism cannot be concluded without a visit to Bharathi Park, which for the sake of distinction from Bharathi Park Coimbatore is often referred to as Bharathi Park Pondicherry. This park is also known as the government. Pondicherry was once a French colony, because of which there are many buildings that belong to that period or at least some ruins that are reminders of that period.

However, many buildings and roads of this Union Territory of India resemble a European city. Right in the center of Bharathi park is an impressive monument that looks like a European structure. This is the aayi mandapam. This is almost as significant as the gateway of India in Delhi but a smaller and White colored monument. It has become a landmark to identify location of several government buildings around it. Tourists arrive here to see its architecture. The pillars are round and tall like many of the monuments that were built during the reign of Napoleon III.

The garden surrounding it adds to its glorious look. This is maintained well by local tourism department. Today, Pondicherry can be broadly classified as old town that was the colonial town, where Bharathi Park is located and new city. The name Pondicherry is also discarded in favor of original name of the city, which was Puducherry. So Bharati Park Puducherry also refers to the same park.

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