Lachung Sikkim or Lachung is one of the remote towns in north Sikkim. This town lies in Yumthang valley and is one of the closest human inhabitation to the mountain peaks of Himalayas in these parts of the world. Lachung is more of a village than town because it does not have many of the facilities that people in the cities enjoy.

Yet it does have a lot to offer to the tourist. From here, some of the peaks look so white as if they were large mountains of Vanilla ice cream. There is a water fall here called the seven sister waterfall which looks exceptionally beautiful. The river Lachung Chu is the water source here. One of the strange things about this place is that it is governed by local people. Lachung map can be obtained from Lachung tourism authorities. Today the tourists can select a hotel in Lachung because there are many hotels out here now. Lachung hotels serve delicious local preparations which are worth a try. There are many apple and apricots orchards around here, and these fruits can be bought at a throwaway price.

This small village gets completely covered by snow in winters, making it seem like some place straight out of Christmas greeting cards. There are temples but the place is mostly filled with Buddhists. 

Lachung Tourist Map

Facts About Lachung
State Sikkim
Languages Nepali, Lepcha, Bhutia
Best Time to Visit October – january
Nearest Railway Station New Jalpaiguri
Nearest Airport Bagdogra
Famous Lachung Monastery, Mount Katao, Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary
STD Code 91-3592

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