Like other cities in the State of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is also situated around lakes. Some of these lakes like Gadsisar lake are manmade lakes, while others like Anand Saggar are natural lakes developed by erstwhile rulers. Jaisalmer is perhaps one of the oldest cities in Rajasthan having been established in 1156 AD. Rajasthan Jaisalmer as it is often referred lies on the border of Jaisalmer desert which are miles and miles of sand dunes that glimmer under sun’s rays.

Many tourists arrive here for experiencing the beauty of the desert on camels.  Jaisalmer was an important township in the past because it was located on land route towards the western part of Asia. The city boasts of several temples that have survived the Moghul invasion primarily because of its natural attributes. Amongst these temples are Jain temples that have exquisite and intricate carvings that have withstood time. Lakshminath temple and Raj Mahal are other awe inspiring structures here. 

Over the years, Jaisalmer has grown beyond its original confines which were defined by the walls of an old fort called Jaisalmer fort or Trikoot Garh. The walls of this fort shine like gold at dusk. In fact, most of the ancient buildings in this township are made from mud and sand, which are local materials. Mid afternoon gives the palatial domes and walls a red colored hue, which is spectacular from far. City guides offer more details about Jaisalmer. There is a separate Jaisalmer tourism cell under Rajasthan’s tourism department. It is possible to book a hotel in Jaisalmer through travel agents, or state’s tourism promoting websites. Prior booking in Jaisalmer hotel helps in getting a room that offers exceptional view.  Jaisalmer airport connects the city by air to other parts of India.

Jaisalmer Tourist Map

Facts About Jaisalmer
Area 5.1 km2
State Rajasthan
Languages Hindi, Rajasthani
Best Time to Visit October to March
Nearest Railway Station Jaisalmer Junction
Nearest Airport Jodhpur
Famous Jaisalmer Fort, jaisalmer fort palace museum, Jain heritage of Jaisalmer, Havelis and Gadsisar Lake
STD Code 91-2992

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