Gulbarga is a district in the Indian State of Karnataka. The city is located in the northern part of Karnataka. The economy of this district is in a struggling face. It is considered as one of the most backward district in the country and hence receives its funding under a scheme developed to emancipate the backward districts.

Features which are special about Gulbarga are the historical and religious places. The historical places include Sannati Village which is famous for the Ashokan edicts, Buddhist Stupas and the image of the Emperor Ashoka. Gulbarg Fort is another important historical place. Appana Gudi Temple, Hazrat Khwaza Bande Nawaz and Siddharth Buddha Vihar are the places which have religious importance and represent a unique cultural aspect.

The Gulbarga map gives further details regarding different places to travel to via an optimal route. Gulbarga University has played an important role in imparting quality education among the students. Hotel in Gulbarga is capable enough of delivering good services but they are still on a growth path and a lot of improvement is expected to enhance the tourism aspect associated with the place. The place is well connected by railways and roads which makes traveling a convenient experience.

Gulbarga Tourist Map

Facts About Gulbarga
Area 16,224 km2
State Karnataka
Languages Kannada & English
Best Time to Visit September – February
Nearest Railway Station Gulbarga Railway Station
Nearest Airport Hyderabad Airport
Famous Gulbarga Fort, Khwaja Bande Nawaz Durgah, Jumma Masjid, Sharanabashwara Temple
STD Code 91-8472

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