Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad is perhaps one of the cities that existed even in the times of Huen Tsang, i.e., prior to 607 AD because this Chinese traveler mentioned Harshavardhan and his visit to this part of the world. Subsequently, Muslim invasion by Mohammed Ghori and others altered much of the city’s architecture. Allahabad is famous because three rivers, i.e., Saraswati, Yamuna, and Ganga meet here. For Hindus, the city becomes an auspicious place.

They hold a ritual called Kumbh mela, every 12 years. Architecturally, High court Allahabad is one of the structures that have been around since the British period. Other places worth searching for on map of Allahabad include Mayo complex, All saints cathedral, Akbar Fort, and Khusrao Bagh. Allahabad, and its facilities, always help.  Allahabad is connected to other cities by rail, road, and airways. But many tourists prefer not to waste time waiting for trains, or flights. So they hire cars and drive into city with an Allahabad map to guide them.

The city has many hotels, so finding a hotel in Allahabad is not difficult at all. There are museums and libraries in the city that hold historical information about Allahabad. Nevertheless, learning from other travelers’ experiences always helps.

Allahabad Tourist Map

Facts About Allahabad
Area 63.07 km2
State Uttar Pradesh
Languages Hindi, English, Urdu
Best Time to Visit October to March
Nearest Railway Station Allahabad Junction
Nearest Airport Bamrauali Airport
Famous Sangam, Allahabad University, All Saints Cathedral, Kumbh Mela
STD Code 91-532

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