West Bengal Location Map

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If you are wondering where is West Bengal while undertaking a trip to this place, then you can find the exact location of the state, with the help of location map of West Bengal. This map would help you to know that West Bengal is an Indian state located at the eastern part of India. The West Bengal location map in India shows that it is covered over an area of 88,750 square kilometres.

The location map of West Bengal indicates that the neighbouring states are Bihar, Sikkim, Jharkhand, Assam and Odisha. Kokata is the capital of West Bengal and it constitutes two regions of Gangatic plain situated to the south and Himalayan and sub-Himalayan region to the north. The location of West Bengal has Ganges as the main river which flows through the state dividing it into two parts.

This river flows to Bangladesh forming river Padma and the other end flows to West Bengal as Hooghly River and Bhagirathi River. The map would also let one know that, of about 13.38% of the entire region represents the forests while the national average itself is 21.02%. The location map would also offer details of various districts of West Bengal which are 19 in number. It will also have other information that is very essential for a traveller such as the various modes of transport available.

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