Mizoram Location Map

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The location map of the state of Mizoram will give one an excellent idea about where is Mizoram. It will also let one know that the neighboring countries that border this state are Bangladesh and Myanmar. In addition, the location map also tells you that Mizoram is a state which is listed as one of the seven sister states in northeastern India.

The Mizoram location map in India shows that it is surrounded by the states of Assam, Tripura, Manipur and other nearby countries of Burma and Bangladesh. The state was formed on 20 February 1987 with Aizawl as its capital. The location of Mizoram has many lakes, rivers, hills, and valleys. The location map of Mizoram shows Chhimtuipui which is the biggest river in the state.

The Mizoram location map has Phawngpui Tlang which is the highest peak of 2120 meters situated at the southeastern region. This land of highlanders is highly popular for its sanitization and urbanization in its districts that are visible through the maps. The network of transport such as airways, waterways, roadways, railways, and helicopter services are also highly visible in the maps. This is highly helpful for those who are planning to visit this region for personal vacation purposes or business purposes.

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