Manipur Location Map

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If you are someone who is wondering where is Manipur, you can find the reply easily through the location map of Manipur. It would tell you that Manipur is a state which is situated in the northeastern region in India. The Manipur location map in India depicts that this state is surrounded by Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, and Burma to the north, south, west, and east respectively.

The location map of Manipur shows that it is covered over an area of 22,347 square kilometers. This state is located at 23’83’ north to 25’68’ north latitude and 93’03’ east to 94’78’ east longitude. Barak River Basin, Manipur River Basin, Yu River Basin, and Lanye River Basin are the four major river basins of the state situated to the west, central Manipur, east and north respectively which are visible through the maps of this region.

Manipur state can be geographically characterized distinctly into the hilly area and the flat plains. The Manipur location map depicts that Loktak Lake is located at the flat plains which have a total area of about 600 square kilometers. The eight rivers of the Manipur River Basin which flow from the hills are Manipur, Nambul, Imphal, Iris, Sekmai, Khuga, Chakpi and Thoubal and they are also clearly conveyed through the location map.

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