Karnataka Location Map

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If you are concerned about where is Karnataka then you can purchase a location map of Karnataka which would show that this state is situated in the southwest part of India. Karnataka’s location map in India shows that the state is surrounded by the west by the Laccadive Sea and the Arabian Sea. One can also find that it is situated in the Deccan plateau.

It is bordered by Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala to the North West, north, east, southeast and southwest respectively. Karnataka location map shows that the state is covered over an area of 191,976 square kilometers and its capital city, Bangalore, is the largest city in the state. Krishna and Kaveri are the two main rivers flowing through the state towards the Bay of Bengal.

The location map of Karnataka depicts that the state divided into three geographical regions of Karavali, Malenadu, and the Bayaluseeme region. The location of Karnataka can be easily found with the help of a map. The map would also convey that the state is covered by forests over the area of 38,724 square kilometers which influences the climatic conditions. One can also find the locations of the districts that are thirty in number.

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