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Haryana is a small state located in North India and has about 81 cities and towns. The state is divided into Ambala, Hissar, Gurgoan and Rohtak. The entire state is located in to four geographical locations such as the shivalik hills, the Ghaggar Yamuna plain, semi desert sandy plain and Aravali hills based on the location. This is well evident when having Haryana Maps as they would let one know that the shivalik hills serve as a source for rivers such as Saraswati, gaggar, markanda and tangri. The Gaggar Yamuna plain is divided in to two parts such as the Bangar and Khadar which are rich in alluvial plains.

The semi desert sandy plain is located on the Sirsa districts, Hissar, Mahendergarh, Rajasthan and Bhiwani. The Aravali hills division consists of dry and irregular area with hills. The Cities in Haryana are highly popular for its educational institutions and universities which are popular among the learning population. The interesting feature about Haryana is that the state ranks first in India in the production of various fields such as scientific instruments, gas stoves, GI pipes, sanitary wares, tractors, passenger cars and motor cycles.

When referring to the history of Haryana one will be amazed to know that this place has found an integral part in Mahabharata. It is specified in this epic as the land of grains in plenty. Also this place became highly popular as it was the arena for the Kurukshetra war and was the sole region where Lord Krishna recited the holy Bhagavad-Gita which is considered as the most sacred book of the Hindus.

While learning the facts about Haryana one will be interested to find out that this region with total geographical area of 1.37% and lower than 2% of total India’s population, stands high with its head held high in the field of agriculture and industry and has features such as having canal irrigation facilities and rural electrification features, metal roads, portable drinking water and continuous electric supply to its credit. This record breaking achievement has made it a country with highest per capita income generator. The Districts in Haryana enjoy a fair share of tourist attraction and welcome tourists every year from all over the world to take a look in to their wide variety of flora and fauna. The rare variety of mammals, colorful birds, reptile kinds, fishes, thorny forests of deciduous trees and plantations along with rare species of shrubs, ferns, small trees and climbers makes the tourists throng the place each year.

Haryana Map

Facts About Haryana
Area 44,212 km2
Capital Chandigarh
Languages Punjabi, Hindi, Haryanvi
Literacy 88.64%
Population 25,353,081
Largest City Sonipat


List of all Districts in Haryana


Code District Headquarters Population (2001) Area (km2)
AM Ambala Ambala 1,013,660 1,569
BH Bhiwani Bhiwani 1,424,554 5,140
FR Faridabad Faridabad 2,193,276 2,105
FT Fatehabad Fatehabad 806,158 2,491
GU Gurgaon Gurgaon 1,657,669 2,760
HI Hissar Hissar 1,536,417 3,788
JH Jhajjar Jhajjar 887,392 1,868
JI Jind Jind 1,189,725 2,736
KT Kaithal Kaithal 945,631 2,799
KR Karnal Karnal 1,274,843 2,471
KU Kurukshetra Kurukshetra 828,120 1,217
MA Mahendragarh Narnaul 812,022 1,683
MW Mewat Nuh 993,000 1,765
PW Palwal Palwal 934,675 1,875
PK Panchkula Panchkula 469,210 816
PP Panipat Panipat 967,338 1,250
RE Rewari Rewari 764,727 1,559
RO Rohtak Rohtak 940,036 1,668
SI Sirsa Sirsa 1,111,012 4,276
SNP Sonipat Sonipat 1,278,830 2,260
YN Yamuna Nagar Yamuna Nagar 982,369 1,756


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