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Gujarat with its strategic location in the western part of India has been the leading state with power entrepreneurial spirit. Being loaded with natural resources and manmade resources, this state is popularly called as the growth engine of India. With an attractive geographical setting to support its portability, this state has well established links with major countries with port across the world such as Japan, UK, Gulf countries, Australia, Korea and China.

The Gujarat Maps would tell you its location on the western coast of Indian peninsular region. Its neighboring states are Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Nager Haveli and Daman and Diu. While planning a trip to Gujarat for a vacation, there is no need to worry about the transportation facilities or means of transport since this state is connected to all major places within India through airways, railways, waterways and roadways. The well knit transport services offers a well connected means to reach Gujarat from any country in the world. The Sardar Vallabhai International Airport makes it to be well connected with other major ports across the countries worldwide.

While planning to reach the various cities in Gujarat one can opt for the metro rail service which ensures that the cities here are accessible through various other places in India. Three major rail routes such as Broad Gauge, Narrow Gauge and Meter Gauge continue to serve the people round the clock. The fascination factor about Gujarat roadways is that one can reach any state in India through the well connected roadways. The roadways of Gujarat are divided into National highways in to three sectors such as 8A, 8B and 8C.

This state has its name “the land of the legends” owing to the history of Gujarat that would tell one that the state was once ruled by Gujjars during the 700s and 800s. In 250 BC emperor Asoka also reined this as a part of his empire and then the Sakas or Scythians ruled it. Later in 900s the Solanki Dynasty took over and it took Gujarat to the next level. Later Mughal emperor, Akbar ruled it in 1570s. With such rulers who are great legends in the Indian history, this state has gained a significant importance. The facts about Gujarat would state that the total area is 196077 sq. km and the population of 60383628. The districts in Gujarat are popular in its own way with its prominent locations of tourist importance that includes beaches, hills and historical monuments.

Gujarat Map

Facts About Gujarat
Area 196,024 km2
Capital Gandhinagar
Languages Gujarati, English, Hindi
Literacy 79.31%
Population 60,383,628
Largest City Ahmedabad

List of all Districts in Gujarat

Code District Headquarters Population (2001) Area (km2)
AH Ahmedabad Ahmedabad 5,808,378 8,707
AM Amreli Amreli 1,393,295 6,760
AN Anand Anand 1,856,712 2,942
BK Banaskantha Palanpur 2,502,843 12,703
BR Bharuch Bharuch 1,370,104 6,524
BV Bhavnagar Bhavnagar 2,469,264 11,155
DA Dahod Dahod 1,635,374 3,642
DG Dangs Ahwa 186,712 1,764
GA Gandhinagar Gandhinagar 1,334,731 649
JA Jamnagar Jamnagar 1,913,685 14,125
JU Junagadh Junagadh 2,448,427 8,839
KH Kheda Nadiad 2,023,354 4,215
KA Kutch Bhuj 1,526,321 45,652
MA Mehsana Mehsana 1,837,696 4,386
NR Narmada Rajpipla 514,083 2,749
NV Navsari Navsari 1,229,250 2,211
PM Panchmahal Godhra 2,024,883 5,219
PA Patan Patan 1,181,941 5,738
PO Porbandar Porbandar 536,854 2,294
RA Rajkot Rajkot 3,157,676 11,203
SK Sabarkantha Himatnagar 2,083,416 7,390
ST Surat Surat 4,996,391 7,657
SN Surendranagar Surendranagar 1,515,147 10,489
VD Vadodara Vadodara 3,639,775 7,794
VL Valsad Valsad 1,410,680 3,034


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