Gujarat Location Map

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Gujarat is the state located on the northwest side of India. The Gujarat location map shows that it is covered over an area of 78687 square kilometers and it is surrounded by the states of Rajasthan, 

Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh to the north, south, and east respectively. The Arabian Sea and Sindh border it to the west. The Gujarat location map in India indicates that Bharuch and Khambhat are the coastal cities that served as trading centres and ports during the Gupta and Maurya empires. The location of Gujarat would inform you that the region has 98,000,000 hectares of land for agriculture production.

The maps will give one an excellent idea of the location if you are wondering where is Gujarat and will also let you know that the neighboring states are Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. With this map in hand, one can know the locations of various districts that are 26 in number. There will also be locations of various cities of the state available on the map while you opt to find the location of Gujarat. Apart from these details, the maps will also have a lot information on the various network of different modes of transport that are available for transit within the state.

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