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Silk Centres in India

Silk has interwoven with the culture and life of the people in India. Although India is making various types of silk like readymade garments, dress materials, etc, silk sarees are the ones that are exceptional in nature.

The saree is nearly identical with the word "Silk". It is the traditional outfit of the women in India for the past many years.

There are various references present in the literature of India in relation to silk sarees and the wearing style varies now and then,

and also from people to people and region to region. The silk sarees in India are amongst the examples of outstanding craftsmanship of weavers present in the country.

The artistic sense of the weavers in India lies in their mastery on the creation of textures, designs and reliability of their work. There are various silk weaving centres present in

various parts of the country and they are renowned for their typical products and styles. No two silk sarees are made in the same design or pattern.

Silk centres are present in various states of the country namely in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Jammu & Kashmir, Chattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

Silk Centres

S.No. State Centre
1 Andhra Pradesh Dharmavaram
2 Andhra Pradesh Pochampalli
3 Andhra Pradesh Venkatagiri
4 Andhra Pradesh Narainpet
5 Assam Sualkuchi
6 Bihar Bhagalpur
7 Gujarat Surat
8 Gujarat Cambay
9 Jammu & Kashmir Srinagar
10 Karnataka Bangalore
11 Karnataka Anekal
12 Karnataka Ilkal
13 Karnataka Molakalmuru
14 Karnataka Melkote
15 Karnataka Kollegal
16 Chattisgarh Champa
17 Chattisgarh Chanderi
18 Chattisgarh Raigarh
19 Maharashtra Paithan
20 Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram
21 Tamil Nadu Arni
22 Tamil Nadu Salem
23 Tamil Nadu Kumbhakonam
24 Tamil Nadu Tanjavur
25 Uttar Pradesh  Varanasi
26 West Bengal Bishnupur
27 West Bengal Murshidabad
28 West Bengal Birbhum

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