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Pondicherry Location Map


Pondicherry Location Map

Pondicherry Location Map
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If one does have a question like where is Pondicherry then they can find an answer to this question with the help of a map which would also explain that Pondicherry which is now known as
Puducherry is a union territory constitutes four districts of Karaikal, Yanam, Pondicherry and Mahe.

The Pondicherry location map in India indicates that the total area covered by this union territory is around 492 square kilometres. This is also the largest French colony in India and has heavy influence of French. The Pondicherry location map shows that it lies between 11.93' north and 79.83' east. The location map of Pondicherry has rivers from all the four districts of Puducherry.

They fall into the sea but they do not originate from the union territory. The location of Pondicherry district would also let one know that there are five rivers which contribute to the agricultural needs of the population. The map of this union territory would be loaded with the details of the close knit network of road ways and rail ways which would be highly helpful for you to travel with ease. This French colony rests along the east sea coast line that makes it popular for its scenic beauty.

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