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Palaces in India

Palaces in India are best instance of the rich and supreme past of India. Places of India describe the Golden Age of India. Visiting the palaces across the India can take even ages to complete since the number of palaces across the country is more than one could imagine. These palaces are built by the emperors who ruled various parts of the country once.

Umaid Bhawan is one of the most famous Palace of india. Taking a trip across the country to visit the surely make the tourists excited by just looking at the names of

the palaces that they are going to visit. If you are the person who is keen on the architecture behind the number of forts in India,

you certainly do not want to miss the Agra fort located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Chownmallah Palace, Falaknuma

Palace in India are also tourist attraction in india. Palace and Hill Fort Palace are the three popular palaces that you can look out for in the city

of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. When you move down towards the south, you can make a visit to Laxmipuram Palace, Mattencherry Palace, Needumpuram Palace and Lake Palace in Kerala.

Karnataka's Tipu's Palace and Fort is famous for its construction and the art behind the building is still a mystery for many and you never want to miss this place too. The state of Maharashtra also has number of places that you make you glue to it and to name a few, the old and new palace in Kolahpur City.

List Of Palaces In India

S.No Name of Palace State City/District
1 Agra Fort Uttar Pradesh Agra City
2 Amar Mahal Palace Jammu and Kashmir Jammu District
3 Bangalore Palace Karnataka Bangalore City
4 Bella Vista Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad City
5 Chownmallah Palace Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad
6 Falaknuma Palace Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad 
7 Hill Fort Palace Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad 
8 Jagan mohan Palace Karnataka Mysore
9 Kangla Palace Manipur Kangla
10 Kilanmoor Kerala Trivandrum
11 Kuthira Malika Kerala Trivandrum
12 Laxmipuram Palace Kerala Kottayam District
13 Leh Palace Jammu and Kashmir Leh District
14 Maharaja Palace Gujarat Baroda
15 Mahboob Mansion Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad 
16 Marble Palace West Bengal Kolkata
17 Marble Palace Zoo West Bengal Kolkata
18 Mattencherry Palace Kerala NA
19 Mysore Palace Karnataka Mysore
20 Needumpuram Palace Kerala Patahn mitha Didtrict
21 Neermahal Tripura Agartala
22 Padmanabhapuram Palace Kerala Trivandrum
23 Purani Haveli Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad
24 Rajendra Villas Karnataka Mysore Hills
25 Rashtarpati Bhavan Delhi New Delhi
26 Rashtrapati Nilayam Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad
27 Red Fort Delhi New Delhi
28 Moti Shah Mahal Gujarat Ahmedabad
29 Shah Jani Mahal Uttar Pradesh Agra
30 Shaktantampuram Palace Kerala Trissur City
31 Shaniwar Wada Maharashtra Pune City
32 Thirumalai Nayak Palace Tamil Nadu Madurai
33 Ujjayanta Palace Uttar Pradesh NA
34 Cholbagh Palace NA NA
35 Lalgarh Palace Rajasthan Bikaner
36 Gazner Palace Rajasthan Bikaner
37 Dungarpur Udai Bilas Palace Rajasthan Dungarpur 
38 Rambagh Palace Rajasthan Jaipur City
39 Jai Mahal Palace Rajasthan Jaipur City
40 Narain Niwas Palace Rajasthan Jaipur City
41 Samode Haveli Rajasthan NA
42 The Bissau Palace Rajasthan Rajasthan
43 Umaid Bhawan Palace Rajasthan Jodhpur
44 Ajit Bhawan Rajasthan NA
45 Sukhdam Palace Rajasthan Kota
46 Royal Castle Rajasthan Nijam Palace of Pali District
47 Bikaner House Rajasthan Bikaner
48 Desert Castle Rajasthan Mandawa 
49 Neemrana Rajasthan Alwar District
50 Rohetgargh Rajasthan NA
51 Sriska Palace Rajasthan NA
52 Swai Madhopur Palace Rajasthan NA
53 Lake Palace Kerala Allepey
54 Lakshmi Vilas Palace Rajasthan Udaipur City
55 Shikarbadi Palace Rajasthan Udaipur City 
56 Shiv Niwas Palace Rajasthan  Udaipur City 
57 Bir Singh Palace Madhya Pradesh NA
58 Jainiwas Palace Madhya Pradesh Gwalior City
59 Umaid Bhawan Palace Rajasthan Jhodpur City
60 Fort Palaces of Orcha Rajasthan Orcha
61 Lake Palace  Rajasthan Udaipur City
62 Chail Palace Himachal Pradesh 45 kilometers from Shimla
63 Mandawa Castle Rajasthan Mandawa City 
64 Falakuma Palace Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad City
65 Feteh Prakash Palace  Rajasthan Chittargaurgh City
66 Hawa Mahal  Rajasthan Jaipur City
67 Hindola Mahal Rajasthan Jaipur City
68 Lalith Mahal Palace Karnataka Mysore City
69 Nawab Palace Maharashtra Murud City
70 New Palace Tamil Nadu Thanjavur City
71 New Palace Maharashtra Kolahpur City
72 Old Palace Manipur Imphal City
73 Old Palace  Maharashtra Kolahpur City
74 Padmanapuram Palace Tamil Nadu Kannikumari City
75 Padmanapuram Palace  Kerala Trivandrum City
76 Rajgargh Palace Madhya Pradesh Khajuraho City
77 Rana Kumbha Palace Rajasthan Chittargaurgh  City
78 Saraswati mahal  Tamil Nadu Thanjavur City
79 Shalini Palace Maharashtra Kolapur  City
80 Shivaji's Palace Maharashtra Raigargh City
81 Tipu's Palace and Fort Karnataka Bangalore City
82 Tirumalayanayak Palace Tamil Nadu Madurai  City
83 Ujjayant Palace Tripura Agartala City

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