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About Nagaland

Nagaland State Map

The vibrant hill station popular for its hospitability called the Nagaland never fails to amaze its visitors with its awestruck beauty with a wide range of hills, peaks and mountains. A wide range of natural beauty filled with varied flora and fauna
makes it a delectable place in the country. With Nagaland Maps in hand, one can find that it is located in the farther side of north eastern part of India. It shares borders with Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Myanmar and Manipur.

It is the smallest state in the country and has Kohima as its capital. The place is popular for its varied agricultural crops such as rice, corn, sugar cane, millets, tobacco, oil seeds, pulses, fibers and potatoes. Also other activities such as tourism, real estate, forestry, cottage industries of different forms and insurance helps in its economic growth. The Cities in Nagaland are highly popular for their hospitality and beautiful locations that invoke tourist interests. They stay well connected with the other part of the country with a close knit system of roads, rails and air ways.

The kindness offered by Mother Nature towards this region makes it more interesting about Nagaland as there can be no words to express the beauty of the sunset, sun rise, picturesque locations and the avid array of flora that makes the place bright and colorful. The history of Nagaland would tell one that the first generation of tribes who lived here were true warriors who are ardent soldiers and exhibited bravery in its every form. Their fore fathers have passed this for generations, also they are highly known for their hospitality that they are protective about the welfare of their guests and make sure their stay is safe and sound.

Facts about Nagaland states that music plays an important part in the lives of the people here. Folk songs are sung for every occasion and are enriched with lot of stories such as love and tragedy with modern feet tapping tones. The districts in Nagaland have about 16 and more tribes staying in them where every tribe is different in their culture and tradition that each one has their own traditional clothing in colorful hues. The blend of past and present in the clothes in the form of motifs in new fashionable clothes makes sure that modern and tradition are infused into them. The extremely nice climate of this location makes it an ideal location for holidays and vacations.