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All the seven north eastern states of India are known as seven sisters and Mizoram is also an important state of the north eastern part of the country. Mizoram also shares it border with
Burma and Bangladesh. Mizoram state came into existence on 20th February, 1987.

The population of Mizoram is 1,091,014. The literacy rate is very high in this state compared to other Indian states. The literacy percentage is 91 percent. If you want to visit the state of Mizoram, then you should have Mizoram map. The map of Mizoram can be easily obtained from the internet or you can also buy it easily from any local store.

If you are planning to visit to the state of Mizoram, then you should have Mizoram tourism map. The map of Mizoram states that it shares it border with Assam, Manipur and Tripura. The road map of Mizoram is also very informative. The district map of Mizoram shows all the districts in the state of Mizoram. Mizoram map political shows the political features of the state. Mizoram map district is divided into Chambai, Kolasib, Lunglei and Mamit. The state of Mizoram is also a popular tourist destination. There are many waterfalls in the state which attract many tourists.

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