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Being one among the seven north eastern states of India, Mizoram is called as the Land of the highlanders fondly. This is owing to its Mizo Hills which is the top most location with a height of 6560 feet along the border of Myanmar. Get ready to be astonished at the scenic beauty of pristine lakes,
clear rivers, beautiful valleys with flowers and rolling hills that makes it an excellent place to visit while planning a trip to any hill station. This state is popular for its agricultural crops such as potatoes, ginger (fiber less), sesame, sugar cane, mustard, maize and paddy which are cultivated in huge amounts.

There are various projects that help promote small scale irrigation to increase the production of the crop fields. Even though this state is not rich in big scale industrial sectors, the small scale industries such as ginger processing, milling of grains, oil refinery, furniture workshops, saw mills, handicrafts, handlooms and sericulture play a vital role. The other service sector includes insurance, real estate and tourism. With Mizoram Maps one can find that the Mizoram shares its border with states such as Tripura, Assam, Manipur, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Cities in Mizoram are highly popular for its urban lifestyle and the trendy outlook it has adorned. The most fascinating feature about Mizoram is that the place is filled with various accommodations in large scale or small scale to cater to the needs of the traveling population. History of Mizoram would tell one that tribal were once the main inhabitants in this location of Mizoram and was inhibited to various raids by the various tribal groups who overtook one another in a battle. Later in 1972, it was declared as a Union territory. It became a state in 1987.

Facts about Mizoram state that the three fourth of the population earn their living depending on agriculture and related activities. The literacy rate in this state is 91.58% which makes it stand second next to Kerala. Also it has a record of 93.4% in sanitation and ranks second in urbanization in the country with 22 tons to its credit. Districts in Mizoram can be reached through the road network, airport, railways, helicopter service and water ways which makes it to be connected with various metropolitan cities. Also the state is popular for its preparations to promote the tourism and development among the world population and ensures that every amenity is taken care with utmost effective administration.