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Indian Military Airports

The military airports are also referred to as an airbase, a military airfield, an air force station, and air force base. This is actually an aerodrome used by the military for the operation of the military aircraft.

The aerodrome is a place in which the aircraft operations of military take place. There is also a type of aerodrome called water aerodrome which is an open water space in which the seaplanes land and take off.

The water aerodrome is very much famous in countries like Russia, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany.

These airports are only used for military operations and most of the operation will be undisclosed. There are military airports in India in various locations

namely Agra civil enclaves in Agra, Arakonam airport in Tami Nadu, Dandigul Ifs Academy is Tamil Nadu, Pune airport in Maharashtra

, Civil Enclave Bagdogra in West Bengal. These are the airports that are only used for Indian military purpose and will not be used for other civilian purposes.

These airports will have some of the facilities similar to the civilian airports.

These airports are always placed far away from the populated areas, i.e. remote areas. Some of the aircrafts may even have 100 aircraft shelters.

Military Airports in India

S.No Airport City District State
1 Agra Civil Enclaves Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh
2 Allahabad Airport Allahabad Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
3 Arkonam Airport Arkonam North Arcot Tamil Nadu
4 Civil Enclave Bagdogra Silliguri Silliguri West Bengal
5 Bareilly AB Bareilly Bareilly Uttar Pradesh
6 Car Nicobar Ab Car Nicobar Nicobar Andaman and Nicobar Islands
7 Chandigarh Airport Chandigarh Chandigarh Chandigarh 
8 Dimapur Airport Dimapur Dimapur Nagaland
9 Dundigul Iaf Academy Dundigul Dundigul Tamil Nadu
10 Goa Airport Vasco da Gama South Goa Goa
11 Gorakhpur Ab Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
12 Maharajpur Ab Gwalior Gwalior Madhya Pradesh
13 Jamnagar AB Jamnagar Jamnagar Gujarat
14 Jorhat AB Jorhat Jorhat Assam
15 Kanpur (Chekeri) Kanpur Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
16 Ozar Ozar Nashik Maharashtra
17 Panagarh Panagarh Bardhaman  West Bengal
18 Pathankot AB Pathankot Gurdaspur Punjab
19 Pune Airport(Lohegaon) Pune Pune Maharashtra
20 Tambaram Tambaram Kancheepuram Tamil Nadu
21 Yelahanka Ab Yelahanka Bangalore Urban Karnataka
22 Nanded Nanded Nanded Maharashtra

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