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Meghalaya Location Map


Meghalaya Location Map

Meghalaya Location Map
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If one are concerned about where is Meghalaya you just need to avail a location map of the same which would show that Meghalaya is an Indian state situated towards the north east region. This
state is situated on the eastern part of Himalayas. The Meghalaya location map in India has Assam State and Bangladesh surrounding it to the north and south respectively.

The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong which is a well-known hill station that has a population of about 143,007. The location of Meghalaya contains the formation of Archean rocks which have rich mineral deposits of limestone, uranium, coal and sillimanite. The Meghalaya location map shows that the state has eleven districts of which two are in the Jaintia Hills; four are in Khasi hills and five in Kharo hills.

The location map of Meghalaya will also have the information about the capital of the state, Shillong. This map would also have clear cut information on the various districts of the region which are seven in number. The maps of this region would offer lot of information about the well knit transport system that comprises of road ways, rail ways and water ways that makes it highly feasible from other parts of India.

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