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Madhya Pradesh map
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As the name and location of the Madhya Pradesh map denotes, Madhya Pradesh lies in the central part of India. Madhya Pradesh is also called as the "heart of India". The capital of Madhya Pradesh is Bhopal.
The map of Madhya Pradesh shows that it occupies a vast area of the geography of India. By area, it is the second largest and sixth largest in population. Map Madhya Pradesh shows that this state is surrounded by Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Most of the population of Madhya Pradesh is that of the tribal community. It has a good repository of resources with large reserves of diamond, copper and a considerable amount of forest cover. As per the road map of Madhya Pradesh, the river Narmada flows across the state serving the agricultural sector of the state.

The Madhya Pradesh tourism map shows numerous monuments and sites of archeological significance like Ajaigarh, Amarkantak, and Asirgarh. The Madhya Pradesh railway map marks a 4948 km rail network with Jabalpur as the head quarters. The state has very good interconnectivity with the intra-city transport system mostly being buses, autos and taxis. Madhya Pradesh is a well facilitated commercialized state rather than purely a place of tourist interest.

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