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The state of Karnataka was formed on Nov 1st 1973. Bangalore is the capital of the state. Observing the Karnataka map, you will find that it is located in the southern part of India.
The map of Karnataka is surrounded by Maharashtra and Goa on the north, Tamil Nadu and Kerala on the south, Andhra Pradesh on the east and Arabian Sea on the west. On viewing the Karnataka map with districts, one can get to know it lies between the latitudes 11.5º, 18.5º north and longitudes 74º, 78.5º east. The Karnataka map in India shows that this state lies majorly on the Deccan plateau.

Taking a look at the tourist places in Karnataka map, you will find that there are numerous places of interest including ancient monuments, places of cultural importance, traditional magnificence, temples of worship etc. The Karnataka tourist map also marks few famous waterfalls like the jog falls, Abbi falls, Kallatti falls etc. The Karnataka tourism map also throws light on the hill forts in Karnataka. Some among them are Nandi hill, Pavagada, Shorapur etc.

The Karnataka road map gives you the information that the total length of the roads in the state is 1,22,489 kms out of which 2357 kms constitute national highways and 28,311 kms constitute the state highways, The village maps of Karnataka show that the major crops cultivated in the state are ragi, jowar, rice, sugarcane and coconut.

The land of Karnataka is no doubt a famous tourist spot but also a land blessed with rich minerals and prosperity.

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