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About Jharkhand

Jharkhand State Map

The hilly region surrounded by forests offers the best look to the state of Jharkhand. This place is unbelievably attractive making it rich in historical importance. If you are in search of a location that is strong in traditional setting and inherits deep cultural settings, then this state is the right option to go for.
The love of stone art in every form inspires the traveler. This price less place of heritage importance is a rare find and cannot be built again. Get enchanted by this place of historical blend and fall into a trance. Rub shoulders with the past and future of human civilization and enjoy your journey to Jharkhand while embracing the nostalgic past.

With Jharkhand Maps one can understand that the state is located in the eastern part of India and has various hills to its credit. There are many important cities in Jharkhand such as Dhanbad, Haziribagh, Bokaro and Ranchi, its capital city. Among the cities, Bokaro and Dhanbad are industrial cities, thanks to the mines, natural resources and dense forests in Jharkand that helps the state to become a wealthy one. Also this has made the possibility of many skilled workforce, mineral companies and forest products within the region. This is a big leap to take for a region which was formed in 2000 and this growth period for Jharkhand within 13 years of becoming an independent state is tremendous.

There are about 24 districts in Jharkhand which are further divided into 5 divisions. Each of these divisions is managed by the District magistrate and deputy commissioner. The Indian Police Service appoints a superintendent of police to take care of the law and order of the districts. The fascinating feature about Jharkhand is that the place is filled with amazing beauty and high profile look which is offered by the hills, forests, wild life sanctuaries and temples.

When looking at the history of Jharkhand there is enough evidence that pre-historic and ancient forms of human life were present in this region. One can find about 30,000 year old rock paintings that are found in the caves in the Sati hills. Facts about Jharkhand would let you know that the very ancient tribes called the Shabras who are at the tip of extinction still are inhabitants of the region. The many hills, sanctuaries, museums, parks and gardens make this place a vibrant tourist spot that houses modernity with a high dose of tradition.

Jharkhand Map

Jharkhand Map
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Facts About Jharkhand
Area 79,714 km2
Capital Ranchi
Languages Hindi, Urdu, Maithali, Santhali
Literacy 67.63%
Population 32,966,238
Largest City Jamshedpur

List of all Districts in Jharkhand

CodeDistrictHeadquartersPopulation (2001)Area (km2)
ESEast SinghbhumJamshedpur1,978,6713,533
SKSeraikela KharsawanSeraikela848,8502,725
WSWest SinghbhumChaibasa2,080,2659,906

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