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Jammu and Kashmir Map
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Jammu and Kashmir map shows its location amidst the Himalayas. This state shares its borders with China, Tibet, himachal Pradesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
With the map of Jammu and Kashmir one can know that 48% of the state is under India, 35% is under Pakistan and 17% is under China. You might also find various versions of Jammu Kashmir map.

Jammu and Kashmir tourism map would show that there are various lakes, rivers, shrines, valleys of beautiful flowers and wild life sanctuaries. Jammu Kashmir road map would offer an insight of the various network of well connected national highways, state highways and other such roads. Kashmir tourist map offers clear cut information about the various places of interest and the route to reach it via various forms of transport. With the physical map of Jammu and Kashmir one can know the various districts, rivers and lakes in the region.

One can also avail the detailed map of Jammu and Kashmir from online sites or local shops. Jammu and Kashmir railway map is very handy as it helps to locate the various stations present in the entire region. This way you can find the availability of various trains that offer excellent connectivity across the various neighboring states.

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