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Jammu and Kashmir State Map

The perfect oval shaped valley carved tectonically on the Himalayan range in the north western range, Jammu and Kashmir is a place of extreme beauty. The bordering mountain ranges such as the shivaliks, the middle mountains, the ladakh, the Korakaram, the pir panjal and the Himalayas have a parallel
axis in the region. This valley is filled with various pristine lakes, mighty and huge mountains, fresh water streams, juicy fruits, amazing dense forests and green rich meadows. The most prominent locations of such nature are the Yousmarg, Sonamarg and Gulmarg.

The Jammu and Kashmir Maps would tell one that the region is divided in to three main regions such as Jammu, the winter capital, Srinagar, the summer capital and Ladakh. Popular for its valleys, meadows, temples, shrines, lakes, house boats, gardens and food, this place is surely a tourist’s destination. One can also find a lot of accommodations that serve excellent delicacies and specialties of their cuisine. Also they offer excellent amenities to the travelers and ensure that it is within the budget of many travelers. Dal Lake is a popular destination of tourist interest with array of houseboats in it which are fascinating to see.

The travelers can also enjoy various adrenaline pumping activities which would be a once in a life time experience such as skiing, trekking, mountaineering, boat ride, city walks, cycling in the mountain ranges, water rafting, Para gliding, angling, bird watching, golfing and horse riding. The various cities in Jammu and Kashmir make it possible to reach it from various destinations in India and abroad. The array of amenities offered by this region is highly beneficial for the residents who enjoy a worry free life. Also the Facts about Jammu and Kashmir states that the cities of this state are the hub for trade and commerce as various businesses flourish here.

The Districts in Jammu and Kashmir are well-known for being the best commercial hubs with highly effective administrative units and are popular among the first time visitors. The fourteen districts are divided further as administrative blocks for easy administration and management. The climate is an interesting factor about Jammu and Kashmir as it is varied in nature and every season helps to make it a perfect choice for travelers to pour in. The history of Jammu and Kashmir states that this place was under the control of Hindu rulers and Muslim rulers before it came under the influence of Akbar.

Jammu and Kashmir Map

Jammu and Kashmir Map
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Facts About Jammu and Kashmir
Area 222,236 km2
Capital Jammu (winter), Srinagar (summer)
Languages Urdu, Kashmiri, Dogri
Literacy 66.70%
Population 12,548,926
Largest City Srinagar

List of all Districts in Jammu and Kashmir

CodeDistrictHeadquartersPopulation (2001)Population (2011)Area (km2)
KUKupwara 650,393875,5642,379

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