Industries in India

Industries in India┬ástarted to grow after independence. Before independence, agricultural industry served as the major livelihood source of Indian people. But that didn’t stop them from triggering the growth of other industries.

The list of industry in India includes textile, food processing, chemical, cement, steel, and mining, petroleum, aircraft, and IT industries. But the major industries in India include Information Technology industry, retail industry, chemical industry and food industry.

Of all the Indian industries, during recent times IT industry in India contributes more to the Indian economy and has increased the specialized job opportunities to the huge educated population.

Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida are the major IT hubs in the country. Also there is a great growth space for industries like retail industry in India.

Though it was unorganized earlier, disciplined corporates made this industry work.

This has also attracted investors from around the world. Chemical industry in India generates thousands and thousands of

products like plastics, pesticide, toiletries, and beauty products. Food industry in India strives hard to supply, satisfy and suffice the food needs of its populations.

It includes processing of fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, milk and other dairy products, chocolates and confectionaries, sugar, grains like rice and wheat, tea and coffee plantations.

Industries in India