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Indian Express cities in India

The Indian Express started some seventy five years ago is one of the leading newspapers in India. They are reliable and they are known for years for providing unbiased news.

They have also printed a lot of good books. They have gained increase in their circulation in India by around 8.3% last year.
They are available in

Ahmadabad Chandigarh , Chennai , Delhi , Jammu ,Kolkata ,Lucknow , Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune ,Vadodara etc. They also are planning to increase their circulation in other cities.

They have provided almost news from every nook and corner and they have the largest number of news reporter in India.

This has been the reason for its prominent existence in the land of billions. There are more people who love to read this paper daily.

This is the inspiration that helps the workers in Indian Express to provide more important news daily.

They have also high level of code of ethics, which is an absolute necessity for running newspaper in a long run.

They also provide some regional newspapers in Andhra Pradesh etc which also are a stupendous hit among the rurals. It is also a fact that it is a leader among multi edition daily.

Indian Express cities

Ahemadabad Chandigargh Chennai Delhi
Jammu Kolkata Lucknow Mumbai
Nagpur Pune Vadodara  

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