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Mussoorie Hill Station

Every year tourist flock to the Mussoorie hill station as it is very popular among the other places of interest in the world. It is a place of excellent scenic beauty of tree filled hilly regions, mighty Himalayan view amidst the Doon valley and has an aura of romantic air around it. This is a hub of hill station lovers each year.

While having mussoorie tourism you will be interested that it is located at an altitude of 7000 ft above the sea level. The exciting feature about mussoorie hill station is that it has river Ganga flowing on one side while river Yamuna flowing from another side. One can visit the Hill Station Mussoorie at any time of the year as it is pleasant throughout the year and very cold during the winter.

You can take Mussoorie Hill Tours to visit the Gun hill that can be reached through a rope walk. The name is derived as in olden days a gun was placed on the top of the hill and was fired at mid day time to let people know of the time.

One can see the mighty Himalayan view and its ranges such as Gangothri, Pithwara, Bunderpunch and shrikantha. Mussoorie Hill Station Uttaranchal is also a very popular place of interest.

Famous Places in Mussoorie

Benog hill
There are several nice and beautiful places to visit in Mussoorie. One of such places is the benog hills Mussourie. The hill is located 9 kms to the west of Mussoorie.......

Attukal Waterfall
There are several nice places to visit in Mussoorie. One of such places is the Bhatta falls. Bhatta falls Mussoorie lies on the Dehradun-Mussoorie road, 18 miles away from Dehradun.......

Cloud End
Cloud end Mussoorie is a bungalow which is surrounded by thick deodar forests. A British major built it in 1838. Cloud end was one amongst the first four buildings of Mussoorie........

Kempty Waterfall
Kempty waterfall lies on the Chakrata road, 15 kms from Mussoorie and is one of the most popular water falls in India. It is surrounded by several high mountain ranges and greenery........

Mussoorie Lake
Some of the major attractions and places to visit in Mussoorie are Municipal Garden, Mussoorie Lake, Childer's lodge, Bhatta Falls, Jharipani Fall, Mossy fall, Sir George Everest's House.....

Mussoorie Lake Mist
The lakes in Mussoorie provide a beautiful and scenic view to the tourists. One of the popular lakes is the lake mist Mussoorie. Lake mist lies on the Mussoorie- Kempty road, 5 km before the Kempty falls......

Mussoorie Map

Facts About Mussoorie
Area 64.25 km2
State Uttarakhand
Languages Hindi, Garhwali, Kumauni, Gorkhali, English
Best Time to Visit April - June and October
Nearest Railway Station Dehradun Railway Station
Nearest Airport Jolly Grant Airport
Famous Lake Mist, Bhatta Falls, Kempty Falls, Jharipani Falls, Nag Devta Temple
STD Code 0 - 135632
Mussoorie Hill Station

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