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Attukal Waterfall

The Attukal waterfallis a scenic waterfall in the midst of hills and jungles and is located between Munnar and Pallivasal. Attukal Waterfalls Munnar is located about a distance of approximately 9 km away from Munnar and is well-known for its attractive locales, impressive waterfalls, and rolling hills including the waterfalls in Idukki.

It is also aperfect place for long trekking and hiking to enhance the adventure part of the tour to Attukal Waterfall.

It is definitely one of the prominentplaces to visit in Munnar. The Munnar tourist places generally include sites which are hilly and have a pleasant weather. Ranging from the tea garden to hilly mountains the place has a lot to offer. However, the Idukki Waterfalls touris an experience of its own and cannot be compared with anything else. People have always praised about the tour in Kerala mainly because of their exposure to the famous tourism in Kerala which have unending diversity and excellent offerings for its tourists and travellers.

Hotels in the Attukal Hill station are of excellent quality are available which further enhance the delight of the tourists while their stay in this wonderful hill station. The scenic beauty of the place is captivating enough for the tourists compelling them for frequent visits.
Attukal Waterfall Hill Station

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