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Louisa Point

Louisa Point at Matheran hill station is an impressive scenic site in Matheran. This place is surrounded by nice, serene and scenic spots. Louisa Point Matheran is located on a plateau, from which one can have have a look at two of the historical forts namely Prabhal fort and the Vishalgad fort. Like the Sunset point in Lonavala, this place is also apt for viewing the sun set in the west.

The sun setting amidst the beautiful scenery is a picturesque view that remains etched in the heart for a long time. Other than the Louisa point, there are lots of other places in Matheran that attracts large tourist crowd. Matheran is among the famous tourist places in India.

Tourists also take Louisa Point tours, as they get clear view of waterfalls, Lake Gardens, echo points and Chowk points.Travel to Louisa Point is a pleasant one as this place is still in the hands of the nature, unspoiled by people yet, pollution free and is calm and serene. It will give a peace of mind to all its visitors. Tourists can just unwind and relax and get freed from their stressful routine by spending time with the nature at the Louisa point.
Louisa Point Hill Station

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