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Chorlotte Point

Chorlotte point is the peak near the Charlotte Lake. Charlotte Lake, often mentioned as the Sharlott Sea, is a beautiful and a picturesque lake. Chorlotte point Matheran is beside beside the Lake by the same name which was built to retain rain water in the area of Matheran.

This peak is not so famous like the Chorlotte Lake, and very few know about it. Because of its less popularity, it is not listed in the list of Points at Matheran. There is an old and ancient temple of Pisarnath by the right side of Chorlotte Lake and the left of the Lake has the Louisa point and the echo point.

All of these places are must see places to see in Matheran. People travelling from Mumbai to Matheran often picnic in the Chorlotte point or the Chorlotte Lake. Matheran hill station is a great tourist and a honeymoon spot that attracts lots of newlyweds and sightseers. The points are all covered with lush, green and dense forests. Monsoon time is when these points look amazingly beautiful and ultimately appealing. One can see the real heaven in points like the Chorlotte point during the monsoon times, because of the cool and windy climate.
Chorlotte Point Hill Station

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