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Khandala Hill Station

Lonavala and Khandala are the gifts of nature to the world. Khandala Lonavala has been gifted with beautiful hills, green and steep valleys, lakes, forts, caves and waterfalls.

Khandala and Lonavala are divided by a valley and high hills on either side. Visitors to Lonavala make sure to also take the Khandala tours. Khandala hill station is situated at a considerable height above the sea level.

Hence the climate is cool and lots of tourists come just to enjoy the climate. Tourists can have a peaceful stay in the Khandala hotels. The food and stay should not be a problem at all for anyone visiting Khandala India. This place is always crowded by tourists throughout the year. The Khandala valley is close to Mumbai and hence people residing in Mumbai take repeated tours from Mumbai to Khandala.

Moreover people from other parts of India who are checking out Lonavala places to visit, will visit the Khandala valley without fail. The very thought of spending time with nature is so appealing and to visit places like Khandala, it is just heavenly. Sight seers and trekkers make weekend trips, summer trips or winter trips. But a trip during rainy seasons is usually not advised.
Khandala Hill Station

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