Hill stations in India

In this blog post we are talking about best Hill station in India for vacation, holidays, honeymoon etc. Northern area of India has many hill Station places which are amazing for holiday vacation.

Here people will find different places of hill station in different state and also know more about these places. In given below we listed 6 best hill station place in India.

Auli is well know hill station in India

Auli hill station in india

Auli is located in Uttrakhand and Gradually Auli is growing like other hill stations in India. The bitter cold winds, the vast snow-covered landscape, the sylvan mountains, all add up to make Auli a skier’s paradise. Representing man’s constant endeavor to triumph over nature, Auli proves to be an ideal locale for the daring.

Shimla, Himachal pradesh is one famous hill Station in India

Shimla hill station in Himachal predesh

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