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Environment Organisations

The main objective of the Environmental organisation is to prevent and keep the nature uncastrated. The Environmental organization is meant for preserving the natural resources of plants and animals, their living places and their foods through the protection of deforestation, debasement and putting an end to such destruction.

The organisations helps to develop and to implement the technique made for reducing the usage of fossil fuels, preventing deforestation and climatic changes and preventing the habitat of the living organism and to put an end for extinct of animals.

The organisation makes the public to learn about sufficient environmental topics like preservation of both plants and animals species, reduction in fossil fuels, renewable sources, natural farming using Bio-fertilizers and to prevent endangered species.

There are three important steps to avoid erosion and landslides namely Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. The organisation provides a review for health using herbal and natural therapies namely Wellness Review.

It provides a nutritional way to enrich the society using plants and stopping the usage of chemicals. Some reports states that the wellness review provides a remedy for heart failure and some heart problems, muscle contractions.

Some of the renowned environment organisations in India are CPR Environmental Education Centre, M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation.

Environment Organisations

S. No. Name Address District State Contact No.
1 CPR Environmental Education Centre 1, Eldams Road Chennai Tamil Nadu Ph. 91 -44 -2434 1778, 2434 6526 
2 M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation 3rd Cross Street Taramani Institutional Area, Taramani Chennai Tamil Nadu Ph: +91-44-22542698, 22541229 

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