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Education in India

Education plays a major role in shaping up the future of an individual in turn their home, in turn their town, in turn their city and state and in turn it shapes up the future of the nation.

Hence it can be said that the education system in India is very important. There are different levels in education India.

The many types of education are school education in India, higher education in India and distance education India. Also there is 'n' number of college in India which strives hard to impart quality education to fellow Indians. Some colleges have grown on to become deemed universities in India, which offer all kinds of degrees.

There are hospitality colleges which open up opportunities to work and earn in the food business world.Mostly educational institutions are controlled by state and local government or by the central government.

Government offers free education to people until the primary classes, as education is the necessary foundation for bringing up good and better citizens of India.

But further college education has become a costly deal. Banks offer loans to pursue higher studies in college and they wait until the education is done and the debtor can start repaying after finishing studies and joining work.