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Dams in India

Dams in india have been developing various everlasting and sturdy rivers. Dams of india is continuously providing electricity to all the state of india. Water is a major resource for survival of all human beings. Not only human beings, in fact for entire animal kingdom.

While we talk about largest dams in india, Hirkud dam is the largest dam in india. Which is situated 16 Km far from Sambalpur state of orrisa. Hirkund dam is built across river Mahanadi which is 56 Km long and oldest hydel projects of India built in 1957.

So it is essential to have things that help store water for a long period of time. This is the reason behind the ancestors of India building dams for saving water. Since, India does not get rainfall throughout the year and so it is one of the safety precautions to store water to make sure. it helps during the times of hot sun, summer season.

Also has many dams around the country which are serving the people of India for more than centuries. But the fact is almost sixty percent of dams were build during the period of British rule in India. At the same time the dams build by the Indian kings are also strong enough to store more water. The Tehri Dam, Bhakra Nangal Dam, Hirakud dam and many more are the biggest dam in india.

One of the fine example is king karigalans kallanai situated in south of India, Tamil nadu.Krishna Raja Sagara Dam located in Mandya District near Mysore in Karnataka is a well known tourist spot. Kadra Dam situated in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka is highly enriched with rich cultural heritage.Bhakra Nangal Dam, Krishnarajasagar Dam, Mettur Dam, Damodar Valley Dam, Nagarjunasagar Dam these five dams are major dams in india.

In the east of India, west Bengal over the holy river of oogly the farakka Barrage stands tall in pride.

List Of Dams In India

1Nizam Sagar DamManjira RiverAndhra Pradesh
2Somasila DamPennar RiverAndhra Pradesh
3Prakasam BarrageKrishna RiverAndhra Pradesh
4Dindi ReservoirKrishna RiverAndhra Pradesh
5Lower Manair Reservoir Andhra Pradesh
6Tatipudi Reservoir ProjectGosthani RiverAndhra Pradesh
7Srisailam DamKrishna RiverAndhra Pradesh
8Singur dam Andhra Pradesh
9Gandipalem ReservoirGandipalem, Manneru RiverAndhra Pradesh
10Ramagundam DamGodavariAndhra Pradesh
11Dummaguden DamGodavariAndhra Pradesh
12Himayat Sagar ReservoirRiver MusiAndhra Pradesh
13Shriram Sagar ReservoirGodavari RiverAndhra Pradesh
14Ukai Dam Gujarat
15Dharoi DamBanas RiverGujarat
16Kadana damMahi RiverGujarat
17Dantiwada DamSabarmati RiverGujarat
18Pandoh DamBeas RiverHimachal Pradesh
19Bhakra Nangal DamSutlej RiverHimachal Pradesh
20Nathpa DamSutlej RiverHimachal Pradesh
21Chamera DamRavi RiverHimachal Pradesh
22Gobind Sagar, ReservoirSutlej RiverHimachal Pradesh
23Maharana Pratap Sagar Reservoir Himachal Pradesh
24Salal ProjectChenab RiverJammu & Kashmir
25Baglihar DamChenab Riverjammu & Kashmir
26Chutak Hydroelectric Project Jammu & Kashmir
27Dumkhar Hydroelectric DamIndus RiverJammu & Kashmir
28Uri Hydroelectric DamJhelum RiverJammu & Kashmir
29Maithon DamBarakar RiveJharkhand
30Chandil DamSubarnarekha RiverJharkhand
31Panchet DamDamodar RiverJharkhand
32Tunga Bhadra DamTungabhadra River and Krishna RiverKarnataka
33Linganamakki damSharavathi RiverKarnataka
34Kadra DamKalinadi RiverKarnataka
35Alamatti DamKrishna RiverKarnataka
36Supa DamKali RiverKarnataka
37Krishna Raja Sagara DamCauvery RiverKarnataka
38Harangi DamCauvery RiverKarnataka
39Ghataprabha ReservoirGhataprabha RiverKarnataka
40Manchanabele Dam Karnataka
41Narayanpur DamKrishna RiverKarnataka
42Kodasalli DamKali RiverKarnataka
43Basava Sagara Dam Karnataka
44Hemavathi Reservoir Karnataka
45Banasura Sagar DamChalakudy RiverKerala
46Malampuzha DamMalampuzha RiverKerala
47Peechi Dam Kerala
48Idukki DamPeriyar RiverKerala
49Kundala DamParambikulam RiverKerala
50Parambikulam DamParambikulam RiverKerala
51Walayar DamWalayar RiverKerala
52Mullaperiyar DamPennar RiverKerala
53Neyyar DamPennar RiverKerala
54Rajghat DamBetwa RiverMadhya Pradesh
55Barna DamBarna RiverMadhya Pradesh
56Indirasagar ProjectNarmada RiverMadhya Pradesh
57Narmada Dam ProjectNarmada RiverMadhya Pradesh
58Bargi DamNarmada RiverMadhya Pradesh
59Bansagar DamSon RiverMadhya Pradesh
60Gandhi Sagar DamChambal RiverMadhya Pradesh
61Tawa ReservoirTawa RiverMadhya Pradesh
62Yeldari DamPurna RiverMaharashtra
63Ujani DamBhima RiverMaharashtra
64Pawna DamPawna RiverMaharashtra
65Mulshi DamMula RiverMaharashtra
66Koyna DamKoyna RiverMaharashtra
67Jaikwadi DamGodavari RiverMaharashtra
68Bhatsa DamBhatsa and Chorna riversMaharashtra
69Wilson DamPravara RiverMaharashtra
70Tansa Dam Maharashtra
71Panshet DamMutha RiverMaharashtra
72Mula Dam Maharashtra
73Kolkewadi DamKoyna RiverMaharashtra
74Girna DamGirna and Godavari RiverMaharashtra
75Bhandardara DamArthur LakeMaharashtra
76Vaitarna DamVaitarna RiverMaharashtra
77Radhanagari DamBhogawati RiverMaharashtra
78Nandur Madhmeshwar Dam Maharashtra
79Manair DamManair RiverMaharashtra
80Khadakwasla DamMutha RiverMaharashtra
81Gangapur Dam Maharashtra
82Jalaput Dam Orissa
83Balimela ReservoirSileru RiverOrissa
84Indravati DamIndravati RiverOrissa
85Hirakud DamMahanadi RiverOrissa
86Vaigai DamVaigai RiverTamil Nadu
87Aliyar ReservoirRiver AliyarTamil Nadu
88Chittar ReservoirChittar RiverTamil Nadu
89Krishnagiri Reservoir Tamil Nadu
90Manimuthar Reservoir Tamil Nadu
91Pechiparai ReservoirRiver KodayarTamil Nadu
92Soolagiri Chinnar Reservoir Tamil Nadu
93Thunakadavu ReservoirChalakudy RiverTamil Nadu
94Varattupallam Reservoir Tamil Nadu
95Vidur Reservoir Tamil Nadu
96Perunchani DamParalayar RiverTamil Nadu
97Amaravathi Reservoir Tamil Nadu
98Gundar ReservoirBerijam LakeTamil Nadu
99Kullursandai ReservoirArjuna NadiTamil Nadu
100Pambar ReservoirPambar RiverTamil Nadu
101Periyar ReservoirPeriyar RiverTamil Nadu
102Stanley ReservoirKaveri RiverTamil Nadu
103Uppar Reservoir Tamil Nadu
104Vattamalaikarai Odai ReservoirOdai RiverTamil Nadu
105Willingdon ReservoirPeriya Odai RiverTamil Nadu
106Mettur DamKaveri RiverTamil Nadu
107Bhavanisagar ReservoirBhavani RiverTamil Nadu
108Kodaganar ReservoirKodagananar RiverTamil Nadu
109Manimukthanadhi Reservoir Tamil Nadu
110Parambikulam ReservoirParambikulam River.Tamil Nadu
111Sholayar Reservoir Tamil Nadu
112Thirumurthi ReservoirParmabikulam Aliyar RiverTamil Nadu
113Varadamanadhi Reservoir, Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
114Vembakottai ReservoirVaippar RiverTamil Nadu
115Manjalar Reservoir Tamil Nadu
116Parichha DamBetwa RiverUttar Pradesh
117Rihand ProjectRihand River and Son RiverUttar Pradesh
118Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar DamRihand RiverUttar Pradesh
119Tehri DamBhagirathi RiverUttrakhand
120Dhauli Ganga Dam Ganga River

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