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Tinsukia City Map

Tinsukia is located on the north east part of India in Assam. Known for its wide array of flora and fauna that boasts of some of the exotic species found in the region, this region has various rivers flowing through it such as Brahmaputra, dibru, lohit and Buri Dehing.

The Tinsukia district is divided into three major divisions such as Margherita, Tinsukia and Sadiya. According to the map of Tinsukia various parts were called as the Bengmara country.

Also viewing the Tinsukia map would show that this place is filled with forestry, plantation and agriculture.

There are a whole lot of crops such as rice, ginger and tea plantations. This Tinsukia Assam is the abode of bird lovers and animal lovers. This is due to the presence of Dibru Saikhowa National park that has species of birds and animals.

The tinsukia district map shows various ways to reach this place.

This well built transport network connects the town to any major cities in India. The suitable time to visit Assam Tinsukia is during the winter season and monsoon season. The best months to go on for Tinsukia tourism is from the month of November to April. One can find good food and staying facilities at any hotel in Tinsukia.

Tinsukia City Map

Tinsukia City Map
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