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Tezpur City Map

There are many tourist attractions in India. The ones that are popular are crowded and the place itself is polluted with plastic cups and other trash. One such place that is still untouched by pollution is Tezpur. Tezpur is the administrative capital of Assam.

Tezpur Assam is located in the north eastern part of India. If you want to reach Assam Tezpur from Kolkata then you can do so by making use of road transport. If you are residing in any other part of the country, then you either have to take a train to the nearest railway station or you have to reach by air. For more information to reach this beautiful place you have to take a look at Tezpur map.

The map of Tezpur is very informative and you will find correct directions to reach that place.

You have to search for the best hotel in Tezpur by reading reviews online. The most popular Tezpur tourist attraction is the historical architecture of the place.

Majority of people speak Assamese. This place also has historical ruins from the Gupta period.

The MG rail line which is the oldest railway line of the north region is still in existence in Tezpur. Tezpur travel will definitely be a memorable one.

Tezpur City Map

Tezpur City Map
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