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Surat City Map

Surat known as Suryapur is the administrative capital of Surat district and one of the fastest growing cities in India. It is also the third cleanest city in India. The most interesting fact about Surat is that it ranks fourth in a global study of fastest developing cities conducted by The City Mayors Foundation. It is the fast growing Indian city in terms of prosperity of the economy. Surat Gujarat is also called as the "embroidery capital of India" as it has the highest number of embroidery machines than any other city. Also, 92% of the world's diamonds are cut and polished in Surat city.

According to the map of Surat, the city is situated on the banks of Tapti River.

It is located at 21º10'N 72 º50'E with an average elevation of 13 metres.

It is easy to find a job in Surat with a number of industries growing at a wild pace and is in need of potential employees. It is filled with industries such as diamond polishing, textiles and real estate. This offers a lot of job opportunities for all.

Surat is known for its Surti Cuisine which is spicy.
Hotels in Surat offers ghari, locho, undhiyu, rasawala khaman, egg ghotala, fish dish patra macchi, mutton tapela, and lemon chicken.

Surat City Map

Surat City Map
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