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Secunderabad City Map

Named after Sikander Jah, the Nizam (Third) Of the Asaf Jha Dynasty, Secunderabad is the twin city of Hyderabad. Both these cities are connected with the road and separated from each other by the man made Hussain Sagar Lake. In fact, according to historical facts, the British has the largest settlement in Secunderabad City map.

Scholar's state that the Secunderabad map was established way back when Hyderabad was established as well. Due to this close connection, both the cities share a close fusion of cultures, the only difference being that Hyderabad was a princely state, while this city had developed completely under the rule of the British.

You can get to know more about Secunderabad and its famous tourist spots with the help of Secunderabad map.

There are various hotels here which are situated in close proximity with the transport system like the secunderabad railway station. Booking of hotel in Secunderabad can be done through the internet and the range of hotels is also very wide.

The most important attraction on the map of Secunderabad is the Sri Subrahmanyaswamy Temple. If you are in Secunderabad city, then you must visit this temple not only for religious purposes, but also to get a taste of architectural magnificence.

Secunderabad City Map

Secunderabad City Map
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