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Rajnandgaon City Map

Rajnandgaon lies in the Chhattisgarh state. It was found in 26th January, 1973. The Rajnandgaon map shows that it was previously a part of Durg. The city is also called as Shanskardhani. The original name of the Rajnandgaon district was Nandgram.

Rajnandgaon city is situated in the middle of Chhattisgarh spread over an area of 6396.28 sq. km. Hindi and Chhattisgarhi are the major languages used for communication. Rajnandgaon Chhattisgarh is a major producer of paddy.

Besides this, the Rajnandgaon district map shows that there are also very rich in deposits of limestone, China clay, Quartzite, Quartz, Granite and White Clay. It houses a handful of small scale industries. These small scale industries are involved in the production of carpets, bed sheets, saris and other handloom materials. The Rajnandgaon city map shows that it can be easily accessed from any part of India. The nearest airport to the city is Mana in the capital, Raipur.

To add on, it is well accessible through road too as the national highway passes through the city.

The places of interest in the city are the Gayatri Mandir, Donargarh and other temples which are mainly pilgrimages. The city is also famous for temples of ancient times and religious significance.

Rajnandgaon City Map

Rajnandgaon City Map
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