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Rajgir City Map

Bihar Rajgir is a very popular city. It is located in Nalanda district. If you want to know about Rajgir then you have to make use of Rajgir map. It is important to have Rajgir map, if a planned visit to Rajgir is possible in the near future. In order to make Rajgir travel plans, you have to know complete details about it. Rajgir tourism has got a boost due to its ancient culture.

Due to Rajgir, Bihar, as a state, has also become very popular.

There are many hotels in Rajgir where all basic amenities can be found. You can also book Rajgir hotels online. Rajgir is a place definitely worth visiting.

There is a very popular Vishwa Shanti Stupa in Rajgir. Rajgir is well connected by road and railways.

You can also reach Rajgir directly from New Delhi. The total population of Rajgir is 14,619. It is located at 73 meter above sea level.

The languages spoken by majority of population in Rajgir are Maithili and Hindi. The city of Rajgir is surrounded by hills.

You can also find many hot water springs in Rajgir. The nearest airport to Rajgir is Patna. From there you can either travel by train or by car.

Rajgir City Map

Rajgir City Map
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