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Patna City Map

Patna is the largest town and head quarters of Patna district and Patna division in Bihar in India. Patna is the capital city of Bihar of India. It was also called as Pataliputra, which was the throne for learning and fine arts. Patna Bihar is situated on the southern banks of Ganges. It is ranked 21st among the fastest growing city in the world and 5th fastest growing city in India according to City Mayors Foundation. It is also called as the sacred city for Sikhs as Guru Gobind Singh, the last Sikh guru was born in Patna. It also has huge number of Patna hotel.

The Railway Recruitment Board, RRB Patna was started in 1961 and it continues to recruit people for Patna jobs through various exams for various categories to serve the railway board of Patna.

It has chalked out a systematic evaluation process of evaluating the candidate for a particular position and hence only the best gets the opportunity.

The High court Patna is the High Court of Bihar state. It was established on 3rd February 1916. It was later affiliated in 1915 by the Government of India Act.

The head quarters of the court are in Patna. It is being served by some of the most prominent judges and chief Justices who make sure that justice is delivered right.

Patna City Map

Patna City Map
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