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Nalanda City Map

Nalanda is the education center of Bihar. There are many educational universities in Nalanda. Nalanda is located 88 kilometers from Patna. This place attracts visitors and students from all over the world. You will still find the remains of Nalanda University in Nalanda. The library of Nalanda University was very large.

There are plans to revive the university and restore it to its past glory. A visit to Nalanda Bihar is incomplete without a visit to the Nalanda museum.

NNalanda has earned the reputation of having the first residential university of its time.

Nalanda is a place worth visiting. If you want to visit Bihar Nalanda you need to make use of Nalanda map. Nalanda map will help you reach the city with much ease.

The map will contain complete information about Nalanda district. Nalanda travel is definitely incomplete without visiting the ancient ruins of the university.

If you want to know about Nalanda, then you should definitely search online. You can also download Nalanda map from the internet. You can travel to Nalanda by road from Patna or you can opt to take a train to Nalanda from any part of India. The nearest airport to Nalanda is Patna.

Nalanda City Map

Nalanda City Map
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