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Mumbai City Map

Mumbai city, the capital of Maharashtra is a blend of ancient and modern culture. It is the most populous city in India and the second most populous city in the world. It boasts of a deep natural harbour and is the gateway to modern India. Today, it's one of the metropolitan cities, finds it own place in the New World Order of commerce. Formerly known as Bombay, it was officially changed in 1996 as Mumbai. The neighbouring urban areas, Navi Mumbai and Thane are a part of Mumbai.

In 2009, Mumbai was given the title, "Alpha World City" as it is the richest city in whole of South and Central Asia with highest GDP rate. The most proud factor about Mumbai is that it generates half the revenue for India. It has been the abode for 13 million people ranging from wealthy industrialists, film stars to workers and poor people.

Looking at the Mumbai map, one can find that it lies on the western coast of India off the northern coast on the west of Maharashtra.

One can find a lot of jobs in Mumbai as it have more than five Fortune Global 500 companies. The world wide Centres of Commerce has ranked Mumbai on 48th position.

India Mumbai prides itself for holding 7th position among Top Ten Cities of Billionaires by Forbes Magazine.

Mumbai City Map

Mumbai City Map
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