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Kozhikode City Map

Kozhikode previously known as Calicut is present on the Malabar coastal region in the State of Kerala. The term “Kozhikode” is derived from the Malayalam word ‘Koyil Kodu’ meaning “fortified palace”.

Vasco da Gama first sailed from Europe to India in 1948 to this city. Kozhikode is the third largest Metropolitan city in the State of Kerala. About Kozhikode city it is the headquarters for the Kozhikode district.

The map of Kozhikode shows that the district is surrounded by the great Arabian Sea on the west, kannur on the north, Wayanand on the east and on the south side by Malapurram district.

The nearest airport to Kozhikode is Karipur which is 23 km away. It has railway access and the nearest station to Kozhikode is Manachira Square. Kozhikode road map shows that the city is well connected by roads to all tourist spots and neighboring states. Kozhikode is famous for its exports of spices and textiles to various places.

Kozhikode tourist map has distinct places like Kozhikode beach, Sea piers which is 125 years old, Beypore, the shipping building yard where the world famous ‘uru’ is built and Kakkayam, a beautiful dam where wildlife can also be seen. Kakkayam is considered to be a good place for rock climbing too.

Tusharagiri is famous for trekking and has pepper, ginger, spices and rubber plantations. To explore more of Kozhikode, one has to check the Kozhikode city map.

Kozhikode City Map

Kozhikode City Map
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